The new 2022 Hyundai Staria is here to break minivan conventions

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Hyundai mid-March showed off images of its new “MPV” (“multi-purpose vehicle”) dubbed the Staria, a van that proves a simple design can still be as bold as a wild one.

The only way to describe the exterior of the Staria is “clean.” There aren’t any weird creases or strange, unresolved lines; the body flows organically, almost like a bullet. Right at the front is a wide light bar that stretches from fender to fender, and the clean fascia is only broken up by the full-width grille and square headlight pods.

It is still a van, however, so the exterior is only half the story. In fact, Hyundai says the whole design philosophy was “inside-out,” and started with the cabin, with the outside looks shaped by that.

Inside the spaceship-inspired van is a futuristic interior just as subtle-yet-bold as the exterior, with a 10.25-inch front display screen and a touch-based center console. The star-traveler-esque feeling is furthered, too, by the 64-colour ambient mood lighting; and the comfortable-looking front seats complete with armrests for relaxing travel through the cosmos.

Second-row passengers will also enjoy personal seating with armrests, and in the even more luxurious Staria Premium model get leg risers to allow for full-on reclining.
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