New GMC Hummer EV - Test Drive 0-60 mph | Offroad - Crab Walk

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The $110,000 GMC Hummer EV is a wild mashup that can keep up with the best off-roader, has the comfort of a luxury sedan and has the speed of a sports car. And it has a truck bed. GM calls it a super truck, and I cannot disagree.

After driving the Hummer EV at General Motor’s test track, a few things were immediately apparent. First, the large Hummer EV is a joy to drive thanks to plenty of power and excellent four-wheel steering. Second, the infotainment system and driver’s gauge cluster are beautiful but overwhelmingly busy and occasionally slow. Lastly, the Hummer EV is a shining example of how General Motors’ Ultium platform can lead to vehicles with unconventional capabilities and features.

GM spokespersons set strict expectations before letting me drive: GM only wanted to talk about how the Hummer EV drives and handles, and the company was not ready to answer questions concerning specific vehicle specifications, capabilities and availability. Cameras were not allowed; GM security taped my phone. I only spent 30 minutes driving the Hummer EV, and all the driving was done deep in General Motors’ remote Milford, Michigan proving grounds..
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Translated titles:
新 GMC Hummer EV-試駕 0-60 mph |越野-Crab Walk

Ny GMC Hummer EV-Prøvekørsel 0-60 mph | Offroad-Crab Walk

Nieuw GMC Hummer EV-Testrit 0-60 mph | Offroad-Crab Walk

Νέο GMC Hummer EV-Test Drive 0-60 mph | Εκτός δρόμου-Crab Walk

חדש GMC Hummer EV-נסיעת מבחן 0-60 קמ"ש | שטח-Crab Walk

Ny GMC Hummer EV-Testkjøring 0-60 mph | Offroad-Crab Walk

Nowy GMC Hummer EV — Jazda próbna 0-60 mph | Teren-Crab Walk

Nytt GMC Hummer EV-Provkörning 0-60 mph | Offroad-Crab Walk

Новий GMC Hummer EV-Тест-драйв 0-60 миль / год | Позашляховик-Crab

Nuevo GMC Hummer EV-Prueba de conducción 0-60 mph | Fuera de la carretera-Crab Walk

Neu GMC Hummer EV-Probefahrt 0-60 mph | Offroad-Crab Walk

Nouveau GMC Hummer EV-Essai routier 0-60 mph | Hors route-Crab Walk

Novo GMC Hummer EV-Test Drive 0-60 mph | Offroad-Crab Walk

Новы GMC Hummer EV-Тэст-драйв 0-60 міль у гадзіну | Пазадарожні

Nuovo GMC Hummer EV-Prova su strada 0-60 mph | Fuoristrada-Crab Walk

新規GMCHummerEV-テストドライブ0-60 mph |オフロード-Crab Walk

Новинка GMC Hummer EV-Тест-драйв 0-60 миль / ч | Внедорожник-Crab Wa

Yeni GMC Hummer EV-Test Sürüşü 0-60 mil | Offroad-Crab Walk
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