2002 Vantage Northstar (Ford Windstar) FMVSS 301 Rear Crash Test (50 Mph)

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One test in a series to determine the potential of an adapted vehicle to pass a proposed fuel integrity standard. The 2002 Ford Windstar modified by Vantage Mini Vans of Phoenix, Arizona passed the previous generation of FMVSS 301. (35 Mph / 100% Overlap.) This Vantage Northstar is a lowered floor van with removable front seats. The fuel tank has been replaced by an aftermarket metal tank and has been relocated to behind the rear axle. Fuel lines and evaporative emission hoses have also been modified.

A 50 Mph (80 Km/h), 70% overlap rear crash test. The barrier weighs 1360 kg. (About 3000 lbs.) Like the final upgrade, there is no instrumentation in the dummies.

Result: Pass - There was no Stoddard Solvent leakage immediately after impact. There was a trace amount of Stoddard Solvent leakage during the 270 – 360 rotation portion of the static rollover. After removing the fuel tank post test, it was observed that the fill tube broke from the fuel tank.

FMVSS 301 upgrade ruling:
A percentage of vehicles manufactured on or after September 1, 2006, and all vehicles manufactured on or after September 1, 2008, must certify to the FMVSS No. 301 rear impact upgrade. (50 Mph / 70% Overlap)
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